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Fun Painting Stones

Af Sandra Valentina Tolic

Fun With Beach Stones is a book containing lots of creative and cheery tips, ideas and inspiration for how a stone collection can be transformed into an art collection through composition, painting, design and decoration.
The stones that are used in this book come directly from nature. They have not been sanded, treated, or otherwise prepared before painting. These stone fig- ures are not manipulated by means of plaster, wax, or other materials. It becomes truly enjoyable when the stones retain their natural shapes and thus their original character.
Stones are everywhere, and one place where you are certain to find some is the beach. Of course you can also find interesting stones in the forest, in the fields or in your back- yard. The difference is that the pebbles on the beach are rounder, smoother and cleaner, sincetheyhavebeenthoroughlysandedbythestrongwavesandsaltwateroftheoceans.
All stones can be used: small and large, round and angular, smooth and uneven, soft and sharp or patterned and plain.

Sider: N/A

Udgivelse: 2018 Juni

ISBN: 9788740433821


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