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Palaeolithic Stone Artefacts from Moroccan Sahara

This book presents photos of 390 palaeolithic stone artefacts collected at Stone Age sites in the Moroccan Sahara. The sites are distributed over an area of only 400 km2 and each has a description, photos of landscape and GBS coordinates. All artefacts are made of quartzite. We demonstrate that quartzite is more difficult for stone knappers than flint. The findings illustrate the returning humid periods in the palaeolithic Stone Age, which is also confirmed by our Optical Stimulated Luminescence. A complete presentation of desert stone artefacts in a local area has not earlier been presented in the literature and is of interest for archaeologists. The book begins with a summary of the origin and history of stone artefacts. The book has 390 double photos, 35 photos, 13 maps and 9 tables.
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Udgivelsesdato25 maj 2018
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ISBN epub9788743005926