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Sally Khallash is the Founding Partner of Behavioural Strategy Associates ltd.

She has worked with behavioural economics and decision strategies for more than a decade and taught at both Harvard University and Copenhagen Business School.

She has a background in strategy consultancy and policy analysis working with large public and private international organisations such as Siemens, LEGO, Maersk, The Body Shop, Swarowski, IOM and IGC.

She holds a graduate degree in political science, a PhD fellow in decision science, a research fellowship at Oxford University, an MPA at Harvard Kennedy School and is a Marshall Memorial Fellow.


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Decision Strategy

Behavioural Economics as a Growth Driver

As an executive you make decisions every day. But under pressure even the best of us can make unconsciously biased and irrational decisions that do not create the best outcomes for ourselves, our teams, or our organisations. This is a result of the biases and heuristics – the rules of thumb and mental shortcuts – we all use to power our judgement and process decisions at the speed our complex jobs require of us.

This book is about learning the decision strategies that makes it easier to make better decisions in your organisation. With a solid foundation in decision theory, international business cases, and decades of strategic problem solving the book will enable you to develop a practical awareness of the cognitive biases that affects you and the people around you and show you how to create real improvements in both your strategy and execution work.

After all, large scale studies show that organisations that work systematically with behavioural economics and decision systems raises performance on critical decisions with about 500 % – so can you really afford not to?

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"One of the best decisions I've made is to read this book. I hope you will do the same."
Christina Tønnesen, Manging Partner, Mench

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