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Mikael Trolle is the CEO of Volleyball Denmark and the head coach for the Danish men’s national volleyball team. He is the owner of the consulting company Trolle and Partners.

Mikael’s career has spanned eight years as an international volleyball player followed by 20 years in head coaching positions at club and national team level.

He is affiliated with the High Performance Institute as a speaker, with Copenhagen Business School’s High Performance Leadership programs, and with Copenhagen University as a lecturer and examiner.

As a consultant and corporate adviser, he has worked with numerous Danish and international companies and organizations, such as Novo Nordisk, Lego, The Danish Government, The Royal Danish Theatre and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Mikael Trolle has an M.Sc. in Biology and Sports Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Om forfatteren

Jim Hagemann Snabe is Chairman of the supervisory board of Siemens AG, and Chairman of the Board of A.P. Moller – Maersk A/S.

An active member of the Board of Trustees at the World Economic Forum, he is particularly focused on the digital transformation of business and society. Jim is an advocate for progressive thinking, sharing insight and taking action.

Jim’s career in the IT industry spans more than 25 years, and he has held a number of leadership and consultative roles at SAP and IBM, leading global consulting, sales and product development operations. In 2008 Jim was appointed to the executive board of SAP, responsible for innovation and product development. In 2010, he was appointed joint CEO with Bill McDermott, heralding a new era for the software giant.

He has a MSc (economics and business administration) from Aarhus University in Denmark and is an adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School. He is co-author (with Mikael Trolle) of Dreams and Details (2018) and (with Lars Thinggaard) of Tech for Life (2020).

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Dreams and Details

Reinvent your business and your leadership from a position of strength

What do winning the next season in Formula 1, creating the successful Netflix TV-series The Killing, coaching the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series and leading a business through digital disruption have in common?

A lot according to Dreams and Details. They all require leadership to solve the most challenging dilemma in business: How do you reinvent an organization from a position of strength?

Dreams and Details explores the shifting business logic of the 4th industrial revolution and looks at how exponential developments require a new type of leadership. The book unfolds a new leadership model based on dreams and details: the power of dreams to inspire people to be part of something meaningful and exciting, and the attention to details that develop new capabilities and accelerate the transformation of the organization.

In a world of digital disruption, Dreams and Details helps leaders at all levels develop and unleash human potential to achieve exceptional performance. It is time for Dreams and Details. It is time for the next season in business and society.


“Dreams and Details inspires leaders to replace bureaucracy with human creativity and defines a new leadership model for continuous reinvention in a world of relentless change”.

Gary Hamel, Management expert, author and Visiting Professor at London Business School.

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