The Sales & Marketing Lead Engine – Going Beyond Ads and Tactics to Create a True Commercial Growth Machine

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“Get leads or go home”, the VP of sales told the head of marketing. And from there, everything went wrong. We all agree that lead generation is important for bringing in new customers. So why is it so difficult to get right?

In this book, I explore why and how to build a high-functioning lead engine across B2B sales and marketing. Based on personal experience of creating hundreds of millions in lead-driven sales and interviews with sales and marketing leads from a host of different verticals.

I lay out a framework to work by and tonnes of practical learnings you can draw from:
  • Setting the right strategy, organisation and culture. Avoiding the empathy gap between sales and marketing and creating a collaborative foundation.
  • Generating leads at the right price, volume and quality. By combining customer insights with the right calls to action, channels and content.
  • Qualifying leads and avoiding the biggest pitfall of them all. Most lead engines fail in the qualification – get this critical piece right.
  • Selling to leads and converting to sales. Starting from a lead but making sure to work with the entire buying group to ensure success.
  • Goals and analysis. Setting the right targets and measuring the right things to avoid optimising for leading indicators that never turn into revenue.


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Udgivelsesdato03 maj 2022
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ISBN trykt bog9788771921267
ISBN pdf9788771921274
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