Mastering Employee Experience – 16 specific steps to take in your EX transformation

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The field of employee experience (EX) is still in its infancy, but more and more people are talking about it. People are looking to customer experience (CX) and buzzwords are cropping up, but in spite of the fact that this area affects an organization’s top and bottom lines in no fewer than eight dimensions, only a select few have begun the journey.

The field of EX is large, and it has the potential to become just as significant as CX, which is already a strategic focal point in many organizations today. More and more organizations already work with components of EX, including journey mapping, more frequent gathering of employee insights, and people analytics. This is positive, but putting EX on the map and seeing both significant top- and bottom-line effects require a more holistic approach.

An EX transformation demands radical action based on these four cornerstones:

  1. Lay the strategic foundation – get the C-level positions engaged, establish a financial “why”, and create a strong EX organization and governance.
  2. Establish a data-driven culture – derive insights more often, perform next-generation analyses, create an EX language, and support action.
  3. Implement a brand new way to work – based on experience comprehension, design sprints, journey mapping, and technological support.
  4. Transform the employee experience – take charge of your foundation, revitalize your main journeys, involve the entire organization, and personalize experiences.

This book gives HR and upper management sixteen specific steps that can lift an organization’s employee experience up to a higher level.

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Udgivelsesdato12 nov. 2020
Udgivet afSøren Smit
ISBN trykt bog9788771920727
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