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How to Build and Fund A Successful Grassroots Esports Organization

This book is designed to give you the blueprint on how to build and fund an esport organization

When you read this, you will learn the answers to three questions: 1. How to build an esports organization 2. How to create profitable revenue streams 3. How and why your esports organization will benefit the society This book is designed to give you the blueprint on how to build an esport organization and provide you with an inspirational catalogue of ideas for you to create several profitable revenue streams, and thus, securely manage the operation and development of your esports team, organization or sports club. You will get a collection of successful experiences and strategies from over 200 esports clubs and organizations. I have met and talked to over 100 esport and gaming industry leaders and brands like; Logitech, Microsoft, Red Bull, Razer and Intel, to understand, why and how they do esport partnerships. Additionally, this book will arm you with amazing science and arguments, as to why, esports benefits society as well.
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Udgivelsesdato04 mar. 2020
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