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Fundamentals of IT architecture

The bestseller in IT architecture. If you want to understand IT architecture, this book is for you. It covers many different areas, from strategy to business, technology, and software architecture. Are you working as an IT architect, student, developer, CTO, project manager, or IT professional? If so, this book will help you understand how IT architecture can help address the complexity in a modern organization. It will give you a deeper understanding of the concepts, methods, tools, models, organizations, and frameworks involved. It also covers the social and human aspects of working as an IT architect. Enterprise Architecture, The EA function, Strategy, Organization... Business Architecture, Understanding the business, Modeling, Practical advice… Solution Architecture, Integration, Infrastructure, Security… Software Architecture, Quality attributes, Agility and Lean, DevOps, cloud, AI… … and a lot more.
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Udgivelsesdato05 maj 2021
Udgivet afHoi Forlag
ISBN epub9789176972885