8. arrondissement - erotic short story

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Real estate agent Danielle stands outside an apartment in Paris. The apartment will soon be a young couple's secret room, a room to be used only when they are away from it all.
Alternately, we hear the woman's and the man's side of the story. We find out about their past and present affairs. About emails from the estate agent that contain more than professional proposals. And about how the new apartment becomes a place where a torrid love triangle develops.

Lotte Garbers has previously written the erotic short story collection "The Rehearsal Room" and the sensual short novel "Sicily Sits". The novella " 8. arrondissement" is part of the erotic novella anthology "360 degrees".
Trykt sideantal10 Sider
Udgivelsesdato06 apr. 2022
Udgivet afLUST
ISBN epub9788726913729
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