Two approaches to pricing pollution

Af Christina van Breugel, Mattias Enggaard Enggaard, Jes Erik Jessen, Ulrika Stavlöt Stavlöt, Christopher Sköld, Elina Berghäll

In comparison is the commonly used Cap and Trade method with an alternative and novel method for pricing pollution: The aim was to conduct a practical approach to clarify advantages and challenges of the respective mechanisms. Shortly, the report promotes:
1) Levying a Fee which is sufficiently high and adjusted sufficiently often for a Fee
2) Letting the Futures Market and other hedging and insurance instruments indicate the price (the average abatement cost) which can be levied without harming the economy.
3) Securing a repayment of a sufficiently large fraction of the revenue from the Fee.
These three parts or components are all essential to the mechanism. Still, key questions remain unanswered in this report. This project was launched by the Working Group for SCP (HKP) in collaboration with the Working Group on Environment and Economy (MEG) under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Sider: N/A

Udgivelse: 2014 Maj

ISBN: 9789289327237


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