Today! Debt Free Life



Today! Debt Free Life

Af Elyod Florian

It's time for a Debt Free Life...

Because: If you choose to enter into debt, you have metaphorically accepted an employment contract. By this I mean that you have become the employee of someone else (whoever you borrow from), because every month you work for them.

You see your paycheck / your income every month must go to pay your expenses. Part of your income goes to your rent, a part goes to your taxes, a part goes to groceries, a part goes to car payments and gas, a part goes to insurance, a part goes to transportation and so on.. And then taking on some bad debt then includes a part of your income having to be paid to the monthly premium on that debt.

Now most of us are on this treadmill, and constantly working for someone else. But here in this simple book you are given the ABC’s of living Debt Free.

Sider: 8 Sider

Udgivelse: 2015 Juli

ISBN: 9788771707403


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