The Heart of the Sun and the Heart of the Earth

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The Heart of the Sun and the Heart of the Earth

Af Mette Holland

This book talks about the current transition Earth and mankind are going through, based on the esoteric teachings and Martinus Cosmology. It explains how Earth and mankind are evolving towards a state of perfection and awakened consciousness. It outlines the cosmic plan for Earth, the celestial heritage of mankind, and the inner meaning of the Holy Grail. It explains how what is happening on Earth now echoes far into the universe, affecting many worlds and dimensions.
The Heart of the Sun and the Heart of the Earth elaborates on the nature of light and dark, Golden Atlantis, and the awakening of neighborly love. It explains the roles of star seeds and light workers, and emphasizes the importance of equal worth, responsibility, self-love and living our joy in order to unfold our potential and life mission. It talks about the 12 rays and 12 chakras, and explains the nature of the spiritual hierarchy for Earth. The book describes ascension as a natural process we all go through, and it provides exercises to help us connect with high-level guides and work with our inner processes towards becoming balanced masters in this life time. It will provide support to all who have the genuine desire and intention to fulfill their divine plan on Earth and beyond.

Sider: 252

Udgivelse: 2018 Januar

ISBN: 9788740952759


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