Phrasebog, Say What?

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Phrasebog, Say What?

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Talk like a local without putting your foot in it!

Idioms, proverbs and colloquial expressions are the heart and soul of languages. Impossible to guess, and easily misunderstood, they are the real tickets to talking like a local. Thanks to this multilingual pocket guide, you will now be able to communicate impressively with people you meet on your travels all over the world. Enjoy a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and have a bit of fun on the way! This fun gift book presents a hilarious collection of foreign idioms to impress your friends, both at home and abroad. Whether you´re conversing in Australian or Vietnamese, Say What´s colourful idiomatic phrases allow you to instantly feel at home. The meanings may be similar, but the choice of words, and cultural implications, can be extremely different and surprising.

Languages include: French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Hindi, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Thai, Slovenian, Vietnamese, German, Lao, and Dutch

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Udgivelse: 2004 Oktober

ISBN: 9781741044546-4913389431297


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