Korean Phrasebook

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Korean Phrasebook

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Annyong haseyo! you say, and gently nod a greeting to your new, han-guk ch´in-gu, who comments on how well you speak Korean. You modestly reply chal mot´aeyo.

With this phrasebook, you can chat with your hosts in the minbak, let your hair down and sing along in a noraebang, or enjoy the stories of friendly farmers and mysterious monks as they guide you around. With a few words in the local language, you´ll be savouring Korea´s disarming hospitality at its best.

- all the words and phrases for a great stay in Korea
- a heaped serving of food terms ensures confident menu ordering
- buy knick-knacks at the market in the local language
- all there is to know about Korean etiquette and body language
- easy to use phonetic transliterations of the Hangul script throughout
- plenty of phrases to join in the friendly fun at soccer games

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Udgivelse: 2002 Marts

ISBN: 9781740591669-4893386748594


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