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The Whale, the Eagle, and the Two Little Girls

(OBS. findes også på grønlandsk og dansk) Two small girls are playing house at the edge of the water. Since they don’t have anyone to play ”daddy” they pretend that one marries a whale skeleton and the other marries an eagle. But they should never have done this – the whale skeleton comes to life and kidnaps one of the girls while the other one is carried off by the eagle. The settlement mourns but works together to rescue the girl from the whale. The other one is in the eagle’s nest – much to far away and much to high up. Fortunately, she is very cunning and manages to get away by herself. The eagle comes after her but is killed by the men of the settlement and both girls are safe with their families once more.
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Udgave1. ebogs udgave
Trykt sideantal32 Sider
Udgivelsesdato21 sep. 2020
ISBN pdf9788793941052