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Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller

The Danish Shipping Magnate

In charge of A.P. Møller - Mærsk, the world’s largest container shipping company, for more than fifty years, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller is one of a kind within the global business community. Celebrated, criticized, shy and shrouded in myth. A man of incredible power, influence and charisma.

Up until now, very few people have known the man behind the myth. They are the close confidants and advisers who have dared to challenge his strong will and firm opinions, dared to disagree and offered alternative points of view and new solutions. For the first time ever, they speak out openly and frankly about their relationship with the 98-yearold shipowner, who also himself vividly recounts his childhood, upbringing and incredible career.

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Udgivelsesdato21 okt. 2011
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ISBN epub9788702117585