Law and Legitimacy

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 Law and legitimacy is an anthology arising from an interdisciplinary investigation into the relationship between law and legitimacy. In dealing with this time honored problematic, the collection offers a variety of new perspectives and a range of issues are discussed, including the legitimacy of the international criminal court, EU’s regulation of smoking and tobacco and the protection of consumers. The authors draw not only on legal sources in their investigations, but also on philosophy, history and sociology for a truly interdisciplinary approach. 

Introduction to Law and Legitimacy - by Per Andersen
From Jean Bodin to Michael Böss – On Legitimacy and Legitimacy Crises in a Historical Perspective - by Jørgen Dalberg-Larsen
In the Name of the Law – How Consistency Can Enhance Legal Legitimacy - by Bjarke Viskum
The International Criminal Court and the Legitimacy of Exercise - by Thomas Obel Hansen 
Towards Legitimacy in Above-National Rule-Making: Provedurelisation in Multi-Stakeholder Public Regulation - by Karin Buhmann 
Consumer Protection and the Internal Market - by Tanja Jørgensen
In Search of Legitimacy in Regulating Tobacco and Smoking - by Matthew J. Elsmore  
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Udgivelsesdato18 maj 2015
Udgivet afDjøf Forlag
ISBN trykt bog9788757433197
ISBN pdf9788757498257
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