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101 Relationship Myths

How to Stop Them from Sabotaging Your Happiness

Challenging many common delusions about love, this straight-talking, humorous guide takes a closer look at the insanity of modern-day relationships. The handbook uses simple “mythbusting” techniques for increasing self-awareness and avoiding misguided ideas. Chapters include Stay Far Away from Women in Their 30s!, Your Partner Isn't a Mind Reader, Can a Relationship Only Work if You Compromise?, Does Strong Sexual Attraction Mean You're a Good Match?, and Is It Better to Be in a Relationship Than to Be Single? Guaranteed to provide greater clarity and contentment between any two people, this reference provides provocative-and much-needed-social commentary in a humorous fashion.
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Udgivelsesdato16 feb. 2018
Udgivet afBeamTeam Books
ISBN epub9781844095841