Christian Kampmann

Christian Peter Georg Kampmann (July 24, 1939 in Hellerup – September 13, 1988 on Læsø) was a Danish writer and journalist. His novels are mainly about the middle and upper classes in the post war time and until the 1980s. The books are mainly about people who has some problems finding their place in the world and their feelings, e.g. homosexuality. Kampmann was bisexual himself, although he was married to piano player Therese Herman Koppel for many years and had two children.

Kampmann was involved in the Danish Gay Liberation Front from 1975 and he was editor of the journal Sexual Policy from 1975 to 1978. In 1988, he was killed at his beach house on Læsø by his cohabitant and lover: Danish author Jens Michael Schau.

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