Jørn H. Sværen

Jørn Henrik Sværen (born 12 November 1974) is a Norwegian author, publisher, translator and musician. He ran the small press H Press from 2004–2009, and currently runs England Forlag (England Press). He has been a member of the band Ulver since 2000.

In 2011, Kolon Forlag published Dronning av England, a collection of Sværen's texts originally published in journals and catalogues, as well as handmade chapbooks from England Forlag. Queen of England, Sværen's translation of the book into English, was published by Black Square Editions in January 2017.

Sværen was also the editor of Den engelske kanal (The English Channel), an annual poetry journal dedicated to Scandinavian poetry and international poetry in translation, published by Kolon Forlag from 2013–2019.

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