Gry Hasselbalch

Gry Hasselbalch works with the industry, policymakers, NGOs and end users in the cross field of tech, ethics, human rights and society. She has for years focused on the international data ethics agenda and is cofounder of the thinkdotank Gry is behind several studies, articles and reports including the book Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage (Hasselbalch, Tranberg, 2016) that explores data ethics as a legal, social and business development. 

She is a member of the European Commission's High-Level Group on AI that developed ethics and policy recommendations for AI in the EU; is co-chair of the P7006 standard within the IEEE's Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems; and was a member of the Danish Expert Group on Data Ethics  appointed to provide the Danish government with recommendations on data ethicsin 2018. Her speaking engagements ranges from the world’s agenda setting international organisations to big industry conferences, such as ISF, EIT, the Privacy Professionals conferences, the German Marshall fund, OECD, UN and ClubofThree.  

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